Upon walking up to Filson, a clothing store in Easton Town Center, you would never expect to hear the roaring blues sound comes from two guys with guitars and a broken extension cord but Bird and Byron the undiscovered rock and blues duo exceed any expectations for street corner musicians. While the group has only performed 2 times these guys bring a new sound and spirit to the city of Columbus.

The duo is made of Nick Lorenz (Byron), and Blake Bergere (Blake Bird) who met “in the T-ball days”. On Friday they performed a pop up show in Easton Town Center. After some minor technical difficulties which led to an unplanned acoustic show an incomparable voice echoed throughout the streets and showed us what the undiscovered artists of Columbus really have to offer.

While the show may have been short and last minute, they must have been doing something right because their individual sound brought in new fans and even a wedding gig offer. While performing an original song along with covers lead singer Bergere played off of his surroundings, by changing the lyrics of songs to make authentic connections with every pedestrian passing by. 

This unique new style and natural performing abilities are destined to take Bird and Byron far. The ability to connect with the crowd makes listeners feel like they have known and listened to the duo for years and, while they lack any recorded songs on music platforms the future for this band is bright and we cannot wait to see how it plays out.