There is no doubt that COVID-19 or Corona Virus has disrupted everyone’s lives in some way. For many musicians this has changed the way that they connect with their fans. With extended shelter in place and social distancing orders musicians around the world are getting gigs rescheduled or cancelled indefinitely. While this may directly affect the ways we support our favorite artists from now on, you can still help musicians during this time. 

Going to a show is by no means the only way to support the art community during this time. Columbus artists are still creating content and flourishing. Many musicians are using this time to work on unfinished projects, connect with fans, and encourage social distancing. 

“Fans can still be a huge support during this time. Streaming our music, tuning in for any live events like hangouts or concerts, copping some merch – anything shows support and helps musicians continue to create and put out more content.”

Nick Lorenz, Bird and Byron

And the creativity process and support for fans is not stopped either,

“No one expected this, and it was hard to have plans either postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19. As a band, we are trying to think of ways to be creative and different during these difficult times. The only thing we can do is continue to spread positivity and happiness through our art and social media presence.”

Mitch Whittaker, Cousin Simple

The Columbus community has always been tight knit and now more than ever it is important to support those around you. Fans please,

 “Buy music! Buy Merch! And post about it online. People have a lot of downtime right now and it’s a great time to discover your favorite new band.”

Jason Turner, Fashion Week

We can’t wait to be back at shows with you soon. Flatten the curve, stay healthy, and support local music. 

Shot by Garrett Walters for Backstage Columbus. Cousin Simple at A&R Music Bar, February 29th 2020.