The long anticipated album, “Dreamland” by COIN was released February 21st and after a week on repeat, this is what Backstage Columbus thinks. 

“Into My Arms”

“Into My Arm” starts Coin’s newest album off with an upbeat and fast paced energy. With a sound similar to their self titled album COIN, the track takes fans back to their roots with a similar energy to their live sound. Into My Arms is destined to be 2020’s summer alternative song.

“I Want It All”

“I Want It All”, originally released in 2019 as a single makes its way to second place on the album. After being teased on twitter, “I Want It All” has become a fan favorite for COIN listeners and debuted during COIN’s 2019 spring tour, leaving listeners wanting the whole album. 

“Simple Romance”

“Simple Romance” was the first single to drop in the Dreamland album release, originally teased over twitter with the full lyrics dropping a week before the song itself. “Simple Romance” gave fans the first look at the album “Dreamland”.

“Crash My Car”

“Crash My Car” is the fourth single in “Dreamland” but holds a special place in many listeners’ hearts. While Crash My Car was first in the writing process in 2017, it was inspired by a fan who got in, you guessed it, a car crash the night of a show. Debuting at Music Midtown in Atlanta, and continuing to be a crowd pleaser on the North American Tour, “Crash My Car” has become a fan favorite love song. 

“Dreamland Sequences”

“Dreamland Sequence” changes the pace of the album. Leaving listeners wanting more from the band, Dreamland Sequences brings a mysterious, question provoking feeling to the album.


“Cemetery” originally released as a single in 2018 brings the energy back to “Dreamland”. Telling stories of a man’s life, Cemetery uncovers new topics for the band.  In an interview with Flaunt Magazine, lead singer Chase Lawrence said

“We had just come off of our first headlining tour. I spent two months staring at a life-size tombstone (a set prop from our album cover). I had never been away from my family for such a long period of time. Walking through my front door was surreal. My nephew was born, my friends were newlyweds, and my favorite restaurant closed. Soon, I realized I had to identify what mattered most. I was so focused on the future that I lost sight of what was right in front of me.”

Chase Lawrence via Flaunt Magazine

 Long time fans will be left feeling more connected to the band than ever before.


“Youuu” is the 6th offical single off of “Dreamland”. “Youuu” will “break your heart into 1,000 pieces” according to the COIN hotline, and it’s not lying. COIN tweeted a short explanation to the song saying,

“We began writing ‘Youuu’ in the middle of a drought—in California & in our creative process. For weeks, it seemed we were just spinning our wheels, waiting for the sun to come. Overlooking the mountains, I realized the sun is always up. The thing you’ve been patiently searching for may be right in front of you, just positioned behind your own clouded perception. We wish to control everything before we simply choose to notice anything. I’m still learning, but I don’t want to waste my time trying to find something special, only to realize I was holding it all along.”

COIN via Twitter

And, “Youuu” has shown to be that ‘special’ moment in the album.


Valentine was originally released on Valentine’s day of this year along with being teased weeks before and having a limited time merch line. “Valentine” gave fans something special to hold on to this holiday season, and announced the release of “Dreamland” a week later. “Valentine” furthers the theme of the album with the line “You ever love something so much it hurts?” leaving no room to mis-interpret what COIN is trying to convey. 

“Nobody’s Baby”

“Nobody’s Baby” builds a fresh sound into the album, with the classic sound of Lawrence singing, acoustics in “Nobody’s Baby” develop a new sound for COIN. While debuting in COIN’s 2019 Fall Tour “Nobody’s Baby” was first released with the entirety of “Dreamland”, In an interview with Billboard Lawrence states

“We tried to write this song five different times in four different keys in three different states. After years of wrestling with this chorus, it finally snapped into place like a long lost puzzle piece. Our touring bassist Matt Martin finished mixing this track. I’ll never forget my only mix note: ‘make it sound worse,”

Chase Lawrence via Billboard

explaining why the track is seamless for listeners. 

“Never Change”

“Never Change” takes old fans back to the rooted sound of COIN. With a sound similar to “Hannah” from Sophomore album “How Will You Know If You Never Try”, “Never Change” gives fans what they came for, a catchy love song but, with a new twist. “Never Change ” brings a new dimension to the boy band love song we haven’t seen before. 

“Lately III”

“Lately III” adds to the saga of “Lately I” and “Lately II” from previous albums. Lately III reels the energy back in for a tamed yet beautiful track. Leaving a smooth transition for “Babe Ruth”. 

“Babe Ruth”

 “Babe Ruth” builds a retro sound into “Dreamland” leaving listeners with a simple and heartbreaking sound incomparable to any of COIN’s previous love anthems. COIN has had little to comment on “Babe Ruth” leaving the song to the listeners interpretation. 

“Heaven Hearted”

Heaven Hearted creates a transition before the last song in “Dreamland”, “Let It All Out”. The one verse song leaves listeners with questions and wanting more. 

“Let It All Out (10:05)”

“Let It All Out” closes the album with a sound unparalleled to any song released by COIN to date. Closing the album with the centralized idea that sometimes you love something so much it hurts you. On twitter COIN said,

“Let It All Out (10:05)’ began on a stage October 5, 2018 in Manila, Philippines. Every single emotion hit me all at once. My mind was racing, but my feet wouldn’t move an inch. I felt as if I was sinking.”

COIN via Twitter

 This feeling translates to the song  “Let It All Out” leaving listeners immersed in “Dreamland”.